My name is Javier Silva.

I’m a Marketing Engineer, Web Developer and World Explorer living in Quito, Ecuador.

Javier Silva

- 10 Years Working in Internet...

About Me

West Salem High School

Bachelor of West Salem High School, WI, USA.

I was a exchange student at West Salem High School, Wisconsin - United States. I studied Web Design and at the end, I got the Bachelor degree. Such a nice experience!

Marketing Engineer of Universidad de las Américas

I graduated as Marketing Engineer from Universidad de las América, Quito - Ecuador. I learnt the secrets about why, how and what customer wants... Definitely, College is a great memory.

Universidad de las Américas

I founded, a community for Spanish speakers to discuss about Freelance and Entrepreneurship based in a collaborative forum-system. JS is a directory & repository of Favicons where you can explore them through three categories... super cool library if you like icons, backlinks and design.


Guest Post in

I published an article titled "El Siglo del Marketing" in the PuroMarketing Digital Magazine and It is about the history and the development of Marketing by Philip Kotler.




Web Design

Develop or improve your digital project through my knowledge.

Marketing Digital

Creative Contents for your projects or campaigns based on my expertise.

Web Optimizer

Tactics and Techniques to optimize your digital project for the Web.